About US (ChefShalomaG/Chef4Vegans)

I Launched an Instagram page ‘(@Chef4Vegans) in June 2019 as an Instagram Food blog. I Posted my niche products, Plant-based content from work, home & eating out. I wanted to show the world that I not only had a passion for food but knowledge of food science. Plant-based food be it Vegan or Vegetarian/Gluten-free or Free from can still taste, look and be incredible. I wanted to make a statement and prove a point. A good chef can make any dish taste fantastic. I noticed attitudes to food were changing in the modern world, people want to eat healthily, lose weight, help the environment and try new things. but some people felt that by doing this they had to sacrifice their enjoyment of food to achieve a health goal. Growing up as a vegetarian and becoming a Vegan for over the last 3 years, I knew this wasn’t true. I’ve told friends and family, if it were that bad, I would have given up and eaten meat by now. The truth is the taste is all in the seasoning not only textures. I believe this is why now plant-based industries have taken off, you can now buy almost any product in a plant-based form; butter, cheese, eggs, milk, even meat itself can now be substituted for a healthier, vegan alternative. My mission is to put this into practice and provide plant-based Delicious food at your doorstep’

Therefore, I have decided to start my own business and become a personal chef. Using my experience, skills, and knowledge to provide great food. I am aiming a Free From but can accommodate almost every client’s needs. I understand many people still love meat and I respect personal choices, your life is yours and you decide what enters your body. My purpose is simply to open minds.


About Me (Shaloma Gooden)

‘I was born and raised in South London with a Caribbean heritage. My passion for food led me to undertake a career as a chef with a strong taste for various types of cuisines. I graduated in International Hospitality Management at The University of Surrey in 2017. My Skills and qualifications lead me to gather over 8 years of culinary practice from Gordon Ramsay’s Bread street kitchen to Jamie Oliver’s Italian. My journey involves working alongside the legend Genaro Contaldo and cooking for Audi representatives in Private boxes. This taught me how to thrive under pressure and handle the needs of clienteles from Hotels to pubs, restaurants, and Stadiums. This involves large-scale banqueting and major events such as the Wimbledon Championships with a multitude of over 400,000+ people. The company I enjoyed working for the most was Yhangry, because they gave me the chance to experience being a private chef. The company respected me as a member of staff and I had the freedom over accepting my shifts.

My work has specialties in European and Asian dishes. Being a Vegetarian, I have an open mind to food and good knowledge of plant-based products, allergens, and popular dietary requirements of Customers such as Vegans and Free from markets. Thus, I enjoy cooking all types of food having involvement in even Keto and gluten-free demands. Your needs are important and an experienced cook can make any dish taste & look delicious’.